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ARTBOXBLACK is a boutique Sydney-based photographic production agency founded in 2017 and kindled by creativity, collaboration and a unique collection of professional artists.
We’re passionate about working with people, forging creative relationships based in authenticity and a shared artistic vision.
We like doing business with grace and kindness, honesty and humour, for projects big or small.

ARTBOXBLACK represents a diverse team of top-line creatives, working in photography, motion, creative direction, styling and set design.
Like us, they put their heart into every project. Working with ARTBOXBLACK means collaborating with artists driven by creativity, technical proficiency, whip-smart professionalism and genuine warmth.
We absolutely love what we do, nurture ideas large or small and dig deep to understand you.

ARTBOXBLACK are actively supportive in encouraging women in photography in Australia. We were the first agency to open as all female, and as we have grown are now committed to representing more than 50% female, or people who identify as female, artists at all times. We are also committed to the representation of diversity in casting in Australia, and are currently looking at ways to increase the representation of multi-cultural and indigenous women in photography in Australia.

Our charity partner is the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation. We are very proud to work with and support the good folk and work of the ALNF.

ARTBOX and ARTBOXBLACK are registered trademarks under class 35 of the Trademarks Act.


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