Curators of Creators

Jo Duck


Jo Duck is inspired by cinematography, weirdness, colour combinations and strangers. Jo researches ideas and develops concepts to inform an overarching story, that becomes the structure from which her images hang. She wants her viewer to create their own story from her pictures, and not be driven by her ideas.

Jo’s warmth and empathy makes her a wonderful director of talent, giving her the ability to extract a natural performance out of models young and old. Jo’s clients include Harper’s Bazaar, Monocle Magazine, GQ, Zip Pay, Oyster, 10 Magazine, iD, Bonds, MYOB, Melbourne Fashion Festival and Peter Alexander.

Jo collaborates on many creative projects worldwide, creating dancing jelly GIFs and sploshing cakes with Bompass + Parr, and shooting Marawa the Amazing worldwide. Her work is hung in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, and she has exhibited with the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne multiple times. Jo Duck was shortlisted for the Bowness Photography Prize in 2019 and 2021.